Fresh & Dirty

There is something to be said about fresh, local produce. There really is nothing like it! I love when you get something from a small local farm and you can smell the freshness and see the dirt! I much rather take the time to clean up something that is so fresh and delicious, rather than purchasing something that is triple washed and shipped across the country, but lacks the intensity of flavor and freshness. Hence, tonight dinner started by washing off some dirt!

IMG_9222 2

I had some leeks, roots and all, and a fresh bunch of spinach. What could I pair with these two beautiful ingredients to make a satisfying meal loaded with health benefits and deliciousness? Red lentils of course!

Mel, these little beauties are powerful protein providers! A whopping 23.91 g per serving! That’s 48% of DV (daily value). They also provide 11 g of dietary fiber, 44% of DV.  They are simple to cook and absorb all of the aromatic spices and liquids in which they are cooked.

I started by sautéing the leeks in some olive oil, just until softened. Then I added some Brad’s Organic Vegetable Broth and let the leeks infuse into the broth or should that be broth infuse into the leeks!

To this combo, I added some sliced organic ginger and some ground cloves. No need for additional salt because the vegetable broth has plenty. After the aroma is wafting with goodness, I added the lentils. Let these cook about twenty minutes or just before tender. Add the spinach and cook until wilted. Remove the ginger if you would like.

This meal is over the top in flavor and goodness and packed with incredible nutrition. So easy to make and paired with a simple salad, you can’t go wrong! 123, Mom!




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