From Brunch to Lunch!

I had a yen for Polenta, but it was early in the day and a little past breakfast. So, I decided to create a polenta brunch! I’ll just say, “I loved my creation!” There is a satisfaction in creating a dish using rustic ingredients and bringing an element of sophistication with something as simple as an egg.


Bob’s Red Mill Organic Corn Grits or Polenta

Before we indulge in my dish, let’s talk a little bit about polenta. Originated in Northern Italy, polenta was considered a peasant food. However, today it can be found in the finest restaurants. Cornmeal, available in a course, medium, or fine grain, cooked slowly with plenty of water and salt, becomes a delightfully, creamy textured melange when combined with cheese and a drizzle of truffle oil.

Since I was in the breakfasty, brunch mood, I added an egg and some delicate truffle flakes scattered over the top!


Having cooked for an army, I had plenty of polenta left over and thought, “Why not make a layered polenta parfait!” I took an old jelly jar, and started layering! I had some artichoke hearts and calamari olives in the refrigerator, and some gravy left over from dinner. I layered the polenta with the artichoke, olives, and some rosey goat cheese.


I drizzled some truffle oil on the top and covered it up. The next day, I had an incredibly delicious lunch. Heated up, the polenta was soft and tender. It absorbed many of the flavors and it almost tasted better the second day than the first! I was very happy with my brunch to lunch! Have you made any brunch to lunch creations?



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