The Art of Leftovers: Spaghetti Squash Round 2

So tonight is another night of lots of work – now that the presentation is over, I must move on to the Cosmology take home midterm… – which means I needed something quick and easy for dinner. Well, my housemate was cleaning out the fridge and so I decided, as she yelled out “Is this [insert food here yours?] I would improvise with whatever was in the fridge.

So I had 3 mini golden potatoes from my Healthy(ish) Potato Salad so I sliced those up thin, then I found some spinach, half a red onion, and I was off.

To start, I sauted 1/2 a red onion, 1 clove of garlic, and 3 mini golden potatoes in a big ol’ pan until everything was cooked (but not overcooked I wanted crunchy).

photo 4(1)

Then I took my leftover spaghetti squash (~2/3 cup) and threw that in. Then, my housemate was kind enough to share some of her truffle cheese (YUM!) which I took a few chunks of, folded in, served up and voila! A masterful leftover dish. I probably didn’t need the potatoes, but they added some nice flavor & texture and I was using up my leftovers which was the goal!

photo 1(4)

photo 5(1)This time, there were no leftovers.


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