The Incredible Edible Egg

I seem to recall a slogan from one of the dairy campaigns, “the incredible edible egg!” I do think an egg is pretty incredible! Growing up, I always heard stories about how my grandfather ate two eggs every day for breakfast. Oh, by the way, he lived to be 94 years old. We put eggs in cakes, breads, noodles, batters, and really too many things to name. How about the deviled egg? Hard boiled, soft boiled, over easy, poached! Oh poached eggs, one of my favorites! Omelets, fritatta, and of course, egg salad. Wow! There really are so many incredible ways to use an egg! It’s also timeless – breakfast, lunch, dinner, and a snack! Oh my gosh, I almost forgot…eggnog!

So tonight, an homage to the egg. I’m certain you will see them in many of my entries. They are beautiful to look at as well. Tonight I made, two over easy eggs fried in olive oil, placed over arugula, with sauteed mushrooms and shallots, seasoned chickpeas, and topped with Linda’s sofrito. Enjoy!



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