Grandma’s Favorite!

There’s nothing like going out to dinner with great friends! I am very blessed that the friendships my daughter made in high school created special friendships between the mom’s. The girl’s continue to remain best of friends and I am grateful to say, so have the mom’s. I am certain, that these will be friendships that last a lifetime! We try to get together every couple of months to catch up and dine at favorite restaurants as well as try out some new and interesting establishments. This week, we went to an old favorite, and it just so happens that it has an Italian bakery in-house. As we were leaving, I could not resist picking up my mom’s favorite pastry, a Sfogliatelle,  to drop off for her on my way home. I am so intrigued by this pastry. I looked it up on the internet to see if I could find a recipe. How do they get all of those thin layers so perfectly browned and crispy? I found one and decided, I will surprise her and try to make them for Easter. We’ll see…I’ll keep you posted! Melissa, I may need your help on this one!



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