Ooo-weee-ooo Killer Tofu!

Mom, you might not be super familiar with the song I referenced in the title. “Killer Tofu” by the Beets, a fictitious band from the excellent 90’s show Doug does not paint the nicest picture of tofu… but I needed a clever title! And Doug was awesome.

So, tonight I cooked in layers! Starting with…

Israeli Couscous 

  • First, brown 1/3 cup of dry couscous in olive oil at the bottom of a saucepan
  • Once they’re been browned, add 1/2 cup of boiling water
  • Cover and cook until all water is absorbed

photo 1 (19)

Next, Spinach, Potato, and Onion (At this point this is a standard in my cooking repertoire):

  • Begin with some EVOO, and brown some chopped up garlic
  • Dice up a red onion (My new fav!) Also, ProTip! I either discovered this on my own or read about it and forgot where I read about it – a really easy way to dice onions fast. When you have your half of a half of an onion on the cutting board, slice into it perpendicular to the flat edge, but don’t slice all the way! Then when you slice parallel to the flat edge (normally this gives you half rings) – boom! Everything is already diced! Pop into the pan with garlic.
  • Cut up the last of the little potatoes (finally done with them!) Put them in.
  • Finally, once the potatoes and onions have had time to cook, add the spinach and cook down!

photo 2 (17)


And finally, Whole Grain Mustard Coated Tofu:

  • Take diced up tofu – make sure to press-dry!
  • Put whole-grain mustard in a bowl, and mix the tofu in, coating each piece
  • Cook in a little olive oil until they’re a little browned. Add a little salt if you want, whatever!

photo 3 (12)


Now tofu, while a kind of squishy texture, is awesome because it basically takes the tatste of whatever you cook it with… and since I love mustard, I loved this tofu dish!

photo 3 (13) photo 2 (18)


Also, today was Palm Sunday, so I went to church! And Palm Sunday of course means braiding palms! Remember when the Aunts used to gather around gram’s table weaving palms for their husbands’ graves? That sounds so morbid but they always had a good time being around each other, chatting about Easter and their kids. I loved watching them work.

photo 1 (18)


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