My Deck Garden

We are very lucky to have beautiful trees shading our yard. They are aesthetically pleasing and help keep our house cool in the summer. However, there is a price; lots of leaves to rake in the Fall and Spring, and not enough sun or soil without roots, to plant a garden. My solution to this dilemma is a deck garden or container garden. This weekend graced us with ideal weather for raking and planting. There is something very therapeutic about getting your hands in the dirt! After a morning of raking the leftover leaves, I set out to plant my container garden. I planted a few different types of lettuce, radicchio, red onions, German thyme, chocolate mint, rosemary, dill, basil, oregano, flat leaf parsley, and strawberries. I know it might be a little early, however, a container garden is movable or it can be covered when there is a threat of frost. Hopefully, everything will grow and provide months of fresh herbs and fruit. Maybe next year I will try a raised bed garden and grow other vegetables!


Garden-1 Garden-2 Garden-3



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