The Many Lives of Cauliflower!

Well, Melissa, I think we can both agree that cauliflower is one our favorite foods! This amazing creamy color, ruffly, cruciferous vegetable can be prepared in so many different ways. It’s a funny thing, how a vegetable that really does not stand out like many others do, can be transformed into such delectable side dishes or in my case tonight an entire meal! Tonight, I prepared cauliflower three ways; a crunchy, cheesy, broiled cauliflower; pureed cauliflower; and a cauliflower omelet.


I used the left over egg, from the egged dipped, cheesy, broiled cauliflower and the bits of cauliflower left over from cutting up the head of the cauliflower, to create this delicious tomato topped omelet.


Pureed cauliflower is so easy to make and satisfies cravings for mashed potatoes. Simply chunk your cauliflower and steam until tender. Drain the water. Add seasonings (this is where you can get as creative as you want – garlic, cayenne, salt, pepper, paprika, really any flavor combination you like). Add a small amount of butter and/or a dollop of sour cream or a splash of milk. Use an immersion blender to puree to desired thickness. It is so tender, that if you do not have an immersion blender, simply mash and whip with a whisk or wooden spoon. A ricer would probably work too!


These are so easy to make. Dip thinly sliced raw cauliflower into a milk, egg, salt, and pepper mixture. Place on lined cookie sheet. Sprinkle with Parmesan or your favorite shredded cheese and broil. Turn half way through. Turn a last time until browned. About 10 minutes in total. Enjoy!


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