BFD: Omelette Edition

There’s a few cooking things I can do pretty well – saute vegetables, slice things evenly and thinly, cook a steak to my liking, and make an okay reduction. There’s a few cooking things that I can’t do well – broil anything, poach an egg, and peel any fruit or vegetable without cutting off most of the meat as well…

But one thing I am very, very good at it making an omelette. It’s a combination of good ingredient combo and good technique. Start with a good recipe:

photo 1(14)

Sometimes you get twin yolks!!! But basically, two eggs, 1/3 cup of milk, salt and pepper. Stir it up with a fork and you’re ready!

In the mean time, heat up a pan and melt some butter. Let the pan get hot, and make sure the butter coats all sides of the pan. Pour the egg in the pan, and let it cook. I use the spatula to push down the sides, then tilt the pan so the uncooked egg fills in the gaps. Then will my well-honey skills, I lift half the omelette, flip it onto itself, and press it letting it cook for a bit. Sometimes I’ll fold it again, into quarters, other times I’ll slip it after it’s been folded.

The result is always delicious!

photo 2(11)

With a little whole wheat toast, this meal took all of 10 minutes prep & cook! Which is good cause by the time I was done cleaning my room I was HUNGRY.

Mmm, mmm, so good!

Mmm, mmm, so good!

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