An Affair to Remember: Carbs

WARNING: This post is the healthy food blog equivalent of going to Church for a screening of The Jersey Shore. It’s just not okay. Unlike The Jersey Shore, it’s pretty damn good.

I had carbs today. And fat. And it was sooooo good.

I bought a french roll, and some mozzarella, and a small package of prosciutto, some EVOO, and a some baby spinach.

photo 1(15)Oh. My. God. I think I forgot what white bread tasted like. Freshly baked french roll.

photo 4(14)SO. GOOD.

But you know what? It’s crunch time. Last week of classes, almost finals week. I’m giving myself a pass on this one.

SERIOUSLY. I’m a scientist and I normally wouldn’t say something so frivolous and impossible but I wish you could take the unhealthy out of white carbs and whoever could actually do this should get a Nobel Prize. For science. For peace. Both? Both.

photo 5(10)Okay.

Back on track again. UGH.

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