Brunching on the Deck!

One of my absolute favorite parts of our home is the back deck – the nice glass table, the dappled light, the big maple tree. The second best thing about being home, mom, is when you cook for me. On Sunday, I was treated to a delicious brunch made by you, and Nany even walked across the street to enjoy with us and work on the crossword!

photo 5 (17)

The view of the big maple tree from deck!

For brunch, you treated me and Nany to a poached egg on a piece of pumpernickel toast with some delicious french press coffee. 

photo 2 (24)

What a cute tablecloth that is! And the egg yolk really stands out against the blue and green. I used to hate runny yolks, but I’ve eaten a lot of poached eggs lately, and so my mind has been changed!

Eggs are my favorite because they are a quick and easy way to get protein – plus, there  are enough different ways to cook eggs that you don’t get easily bored! Lucky that you’re so good at poached eggs though, because I am definitely not a pro at poaching…

Maybe we’ll do an incredible edible egg week soon?

Now that we’re both done with finals we have no excuse to be so lazy about our blog posts! So starting today I’m going to commit to every other day again (and even some days in between!)

photo 4 (16)


And, this weekend was the Centennial Celebration, which I wanted to post a picture of, so here it is: First fireworks of the summer!

photo 1 (26)

Happy 100 years, hometown!

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