Long-Needed Update!

WOW. I haven’t updated in so long. SO LONG. But I have two meals from a while back that I’m going to post about today, and then hopefully I’ll be back on the bandwagon this week (although next week I’m taking a vacation to go to a wedding, and while I may do a post or two they sure won’t be super healthy).

photo 1


Burgers. The ultimate summer meal. And topped off with some whole grain mustard, some provolone cheese, and freshly picked lettuce it was super summery and super delicious. Literally, I picked the lettuce ten minutes before this picture was taken, and from your garden mom!

I think we also had some grilled zucchini with this, but I couldn’t wait long enough to take a picture. You know very well how much I love grilled zucchini, mom.

Something else I love is gelato. And I know I shouldn’t be eating it while I’m watching what I’m eating….but I took this picture two weeks ago, so let’s reminisce about the good times, shall we? The thing I love about Talenti gelato is that they only use good stuff to make it. No additives or crazy stuff. There is sugar, but, hey, what’s life without a little indulgence every once in a while?

photo 4

This is also my favorite bowl in the house, by the way

If eight year old me saw twenty two year old me eating pistachio ice cream, she’d surely not approve. But I also though chicken fingers was a gourmet selection and the more types of candy mixed into an ice cream, the better (well, let’s be real, both don’t sound terrible….). But nowadays, I love salty-sweet flavors of ice cream, like pistachio and sea salt caramel. YUM.

Alright, well, I’ll continue on this time warp and post from last week! Let me just hop in the TARDIS and we’re off into the future!

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