I’m in the Mood for Blender Ice Cream

I am loving my Blendtec Blender! Tonight I felt like a little sweet, but with the summer here, I wanted to keep it lo-cal and healthy. So, I tried to make some “blender” ice cream! It was pretty easy and very tasty. In all honesty because I did not use heavy cream or half & half, it was more like a really thick smoothie, but we put it in bowls and tricked our brains! It worked and it was super delicious!


Blender Ice Cream Recipe:

8 0z. 1% organic milk

10 fresh strawberries

2 small bananas

about 10-12 ice cubes

1/4 teaspoon stevia

1/4 teaspoon vanilla

sprinkle of cinnamon

smaller sprinkle of cardamom

Add ingredients into blender in the same order as above. Blend on low for about 40 seconds and then on medium for about 30. Ladle into bowls. Enjoy!


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