Spun Glass

Tonight I had an adventure with Long Kou Bean Threads or as I would describe them, spun glass! Also called cellophane or glass noodles, they are made from mung beans. These delicate, clear as crystal noodles are filled with lots of nutrients, including manganese, magnesium, iron, potassium, copper, zinc and various B vitamins and they are a good source of calcium and phosphorous. Wow! All that goodness packed into these crystal-like threads!


Mel, I took this lonely mountain of spun glass and added some deliciousness with some of my favorite  vegetables. At the top of the list beets! Of course, the tops of the beets are so delicious and many times overlooked. So, I boiled them with some sweet potatoes.









In a separate skillet,           I sautéed some chopped scallions, and zucchini in a little bit of coconut oil. The secret to elevate the flavor – ginger and cloves! Then I added some shaved carrots. The aroma of the caramelizing vegetables and the spices were irresistible!

Plating was a cinch! Spun glass, topped with the sautéed goodness, topped with the crown jewel, ruby red beets! Delicious!


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