…and the BEET goes on, again!

Mel, I forgot how much I love to record interesting recipes and write about them on our blog. It is really a good stress reliever! It also allows me to think outside the box and be creative with healthy meal choices. Tonight, I went back to the beets. I could eat beets everyday! I know they are higher in sugar (6.8 grams); however, they are high in fiber and are chock full of folate, manganese, potassium, iron, and vitamin C and super delicious!


This weekend, I found a very interesting pasta – beetroot and onion pasta. Not only did it sound scrumptious, it had a really cool shape!


I took this beautiful pasta and topped it with an olive oil sauté of miniature tomatoes, spinach, arugula, garlic, and of course those amazing beets.


Then I topped it off with a sprinkling of goat cheese! The best part, it literally took 20 minutes to create this incredible tribute to the beet! 123, Mel!



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