A Warm Solution for a Windy Wednesday

It is WINDY today and back to being very cold! While my hair was pretty much ruined the second I stepped out of my house, the wind stirs up the ocean so you can hear the rumbling roar of the ocean right from our driveway. Rumbling Roar? Windy Wednesdays? Sheesh, what am I, an English major?? I must be the daughter of a librarian or something…

I’ve got an exam tomorrow, so dinner (and this blog post) had to be pretty quick, so I whipped up an oldie (but goodie!). Plus, I have almost nothing left in my house to eat, as I’m going to go food shopping tomorrow, post-exam! I also am using a picture I took last time I made this on a weekend morning, because the lighting is much better during the day….

Tonight I made some good old fashioned Oatmeal! With a few extra toppings, to keep things interesting & delicious:

photo(1)While this is barely complicated enough to elicit a recipe, I’ll still write out what I put in there:

  • 1 serving of rolled oats
  • 1 tblsp brown sugar
  • cinnamon (to taste)
  • diced Granny Smith apple, skinned

Now, mom, if I had your jars of nuts, toppings, and other craziness, I think I might have added nuts of some kind, maybe some Chia seeds, and some almond butter. Alas! My cupboard is severely lacking in terms of funky toppers.

And now, I’m going to have to end this update and get my study on.


A night of studying is never complete without a cup of tea! (And a glass of wine, but it’s not as adorable as this teacup…)

P.S. Leave suggestions for my shopping list! I’ve been Googling ‘healthy lunches’ all day and it’s fun, but overwhelming…

One thought on “A Warm Solution for a Windy Wednesday

  1. Lunch suggestions: Linda’s Sofrito over Quinoa; make a pot of soup, package and freeze; chicken for dinner-use leftover and make chicken salad in a pita pocket or wrap (package separately); strawberry spinach salad with hard boiled eggs; greek yogurt parfait with fruit & nuts, package in a leftover jar.

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