A Seasonal Treasure – Basket Cheese!


It’s a fresh Italian cheese, oddly like a cross between ricotta and fresh mozzarella, that is typically made in a small white plastic basket. In the photograph you can see the imprint of the basket on the top. Growing up, my mom would always buy basket cheese (freshly made) the week before Easter. We would always eat it with a crusty Italian bread. Today, we drizzle it with olive oil, sometimes with a grind of pepper and a sprinkle of salt, and we still serve it with crusty Italian bread on the side, as an option. Today I bought some multigrain Italian bread. It only keeps for a few days in the fridge, so you need to eat it pretty quickly. The cheese is delicious and I look forward to having it every year. I think part of the excitement is the anticipation of its arrival. I’m glad that there are still some things left that you have to wait for; truly seasonal. I never even look to see if I can get it any other time of the year, because it makes it even more special knowing that you will only have it once a year.

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