GravyorSauce Guest Spot: My Housemates Make Steak Tacos!

So, I actually had a pretty boring dinner tonight, which I’m still going to make a post about buuuut two of my housemates made a delicious dinner tonight. They are always cooking delicious food and are always super awesome about letting me mooch and/or be a total creeper and taking pictures of their dinner like tonight…

photo 2(7)

They set out a steak taco spread and it was just so delicious and cute that I just had to do a quick little post about it because maybe I’ll do a a taco night soon myself! They’re definitely onto something though because cooking for two is always easier than cooking for one!

photo 3(6)

K.’s taco which she said was “dainty”!

And D.'s taco which was much a "manly man's taco"  or something like that

And D.’s taco which was much a “manly man’s taco” or something like that

Such a good supper spread for two!

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