The Last Squash Standing: The Spaghetti Saga Continues…

So it’s night two of spaghetti squash leftovers but I had a big case of the lazies today so I didn’t get too fancy. I also have a case of the broke grad student-ies. And the moldy vegetable blues, because I just cleaned out my stuff in the fridge and I lost quite  a few soldiers… But the zucchini was standing strong, and of course the every sure, ever delicious garlic. So I though hey, leftover spaghetti squash and the Last Zucchini Standing (maybe that should have been the title tonight) would make great sides for my Emergency Lazy Chicken… aka that sad little bag of pre-cooked frozen cutlets that I keep for days when I  don’t feel like cookinglost all motivation. have way too much homework. forget to defrost something the night before!

Mom, you know zucchini is one of my favorite vegetables, especially grilled zucchini (oh god, I hope it’s grilling weather soon!) But I couldn’t go out to the grill today so instead I tossed some zucchini into a big ‘ol saucepan and brown some slices, because I like my vegetables very well done (quite the opposite of how I like steak!)

photo 3(3)Then I was going to mix the spaghetti squash in but the zucchini just looked so good on it’s own that I just warmed it up in the leftover garlic, oil, and juices from the zucchini. Also, I put a little of the Pampered Chef Herbs de Provence mix on them and boy did they smell good.

photo 4(6)And then…. well, this is embarrassing. I just put a chicken cutlet on a baking sheet and heated it up in the oven. Now I know, you might be dissappointed using a breaded, ready to go chicken cutlet – but! It was only 13 g of carbs and the breading was whole wheat?

Like I said, I was so lazy forgot to defrost some chicken last night! photo(4)But seriously a very good (and quick, and easy) dinner!

Then I went on to a… less healthy endeavor.

Chocolate Devil’s Food Cupcakes.

From a box.

Well, it’s a friend’s birthday tomorrow! Today we sat together yelling at Mathematica for over an hour today and our only problem was a missed parenthesis (Ahh, coding problems…) and after it was all over he goes “Oh, tomorrow’s pretty special” and I say “Oh yeah, cause this problem set will finally be off our shoulders” And he says “Nooo” so I say “Haha, why is it your birthday?” (joking around) and he says “Yeah, it is!” (totally seriously).

And so a friend who will sit yelling at computers with you is a friend indeed, and that kind of friend deserves only the most decadent cupcakes.



They came with an icing pack and a piping bag, so they’re technically stuffed cupcakes. And yes, I had one, though I did pick the runt of the pack…. Gotta live a little every once in a while, I guess? YOLO? Is this the right time to use that?

…You’ll notice I did not use the “healthy eating” tag for this post…..

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