Nuts for Coconut! (Mom version)

You might call it a mother daughter sixth sense, but I just think we are both nuts for coconut! Friday is always such a great night for fish; it’s quick, easy, delicious,and healthy. This preparation is super simple with very little mess and when the grill is on you can cook outside and the house will not remain with a fishy odor. I choose a fish that is on sale, seasonal, and looks and smells fresh. Do not be afraid to ask your fish monger when the fish was caught and delivered – they should know or I wouldn’t buy it! I do not buy farm raised fish, only wild caught and pretty much in the USA. This week the cod looked especially good and the price was right! I laid out a piece of foil and then unbleached parchment paper. This was my cooking vessel. The best part – easy clean-up! I slathered the top of the fish with a couple of teaspoons of coconut oil, and then a little salt and pepper, unsweetened, organic coconut flakes, two cubes of frozen ginger, and chopped pecans. Close up the parchment and fold ends under, and then wrap the foil around and fold the ends under. Place in the oven at 400 degrees or on the grill and 20 to 25 minutes later you have delicious, flaky, flavorful fish. I paired the fish with some grilled zucchini and coleslaw. ImageImageImage


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